Ottawa : Rideau Centre

Nigel Walker

Nigel Walker, registered yoga teacher (RYT®), is an enthusiastic and passionate yoga and wellness expert with a big heart. His journey in the health and fitness industry began nearly ten years ago when he dislocated his knee getting up from a chair. Recovery was slow and painful and his physiotherapist quite bluntly told him if he didn’t start taking care of his body it would fall apart.

From that life-changing moment on, Nigel took it upon himself to change his body from the inside out through yoga, meditation, healthy nutrition and various types of fitness training. Before long, he found himself inspiring others to stop and listen to their bodies and begin to make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle. If he could do it, anyone can!

Today, Nigel leads yoga classes, workshops and special events across Ottawa and helps clients of all ages and fitness levels uncover their full potential. His yoga classes are based upon Shiva Rea’s creative and energetic vinyasa (Prana Flow®) yoga, which combines a perfect balance of strength and fluidity with intelligent sequencing and energetic anatomy to help you evolve in your practice and your life.