Heather Pugh

Flow Pilates

Heather Pugh is a certified Pilates Teacher. The founder of Flow Pilates Studio and Fitness in Ottawa, Heather brings her passion, skills and pragmatic teaching style to the classroom for both private and group sessions. Heather’s first Pilates certification was in Classic Style Pilates over ten years ago. She has furthered her Pilates education by studying with Dianne Miller of Vancouver, B.C. She has also studied anatomy and human movement through the University of Ottawa, and cardiac pre-habilitation and rehabilitation at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Heather is continually expanding and updating her education through specialized workshops in various disciplines of the Pilates method with Master Teacher Ron Fletcher, Balanced Body University, and many others.... Read the profile >>

Kathryn Flynn

Intelligent Edge Yoga

Kathryn is a clear, playful, and super smart yoga teacher who hobbled into yoga with a running injury. Yoga took care of everything that needed healing, including the emotional accumulation. (It was also addictively fun between all those tough, character building classes!) As her strength and confidence in the practice grew, Kathryn wanted to teach so she could share this simple approach to stripping away life's debris, giving way to being a happier, healthier, kinder person. Read the profile >>

Mike Dynie

Pure Yoga Ottawa

Mike is humbled to instruct others in Yoga, whatever the age, health situation and motivation for practice. Precision with postural alignment and breath is explored in depth during class. This creates a solid framework to develop a lifelong practice and encourages energy flow with less obstructions. Personalized attention helps each student cultivate a sense of ease and stability in the postures to maximize the mental and physical benefits. He has workshop experience with David Swenson, Mark Darby, Dr. Ray Long, Leslie Kaminoff, Bryan Kest and many others. His approach is deeply influenced by Gregor Maehle’s interpretation of Ashtanga Yoga, and Dr. Ray Long’s research into the biomechanics of Yoga practice. Most of all, he learns from practising, working with students, and... Read the profile >>