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Julia Zielinski

Seriously, I LOVE YOGA! My intention in my classes and in my life is to share and guide others along the path to freedom and peace that I have discovered through the physical practice of yoga.

A few years ago I drastically changed my lifestyle; leaving my corporate job, which in turn caused a big shift in the lives of the people closest to me whom I love. In my heart, I knew I needed to make this change to be happy. I was now able to spend my days raising my family the way I wanted but continued to feel guilt about the sacrifices my family had to make because of my decision. In my first yoga class I entered a state of pure bliss that released this guilt. My experiences in my personal practice of emotional and physical healing have brought new depth to my relationships and to the peace I have within myself.

As a former competitive rhythmic gymnast, I was awarded with recognition for my high physical performance. Today I’m comforted by the fact that I realize my body is much like a vehicle to explore my mind, spirit and higher purpose. Karen Burnett, my first yoga teacher, inspired me to pursue my 200-hour Professional Teacher Certification from Judy Weaver and James Kigar of Yoga South. I have deep admiration and gratitude for my teachers. My teachers who inspire me speak from experiences based on their deep personal practice and I hope to inspire others in the same way.

By the way, did I mention I LOVE YOGA?!? In addition, I love creating designs that every modern yogi likes to coordinate with their Lulu pants – blingy headbands, yoga mat bags and accessories. These are just some of the things I can do now because I took a leap of faith and followed my heart.

Even when standing in the middle of my young children’s chaos and never ending destruction, I smile in my heart and thank Yoga.