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Meredith Webb

Meredith Webb is a sought after teacher of Bikram and Kundalini yoga and owns "Hot Yoga Downtown" in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She has studied yoga with some of the most acclaimed gurus around the world and loves to share her passion of yoga, healthy living and plant based nutrition. Her teachings encompass healthy living through physical, emotional and mental balance and well being.

Meredith is 500EYT licensed with yoga alliance. She completed Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2006 and is certified in Bikram’s advanced series with permission to be an international asana coach and judge. She is also a Kundalini Yoga Instructor and deeply values the Kundalini principles and lifestyle. Since 2006 Meredith has taught at studios in America and Europe, lead several meditation groups, enjoys seminars around the world and has an extensive, loyal client base.

In her beautiful, healthy and modern hot yoga studio in Palm Beach Gardens, Meredith teaches yoga for all levels with an emphasis on practicing to your personal best level, manifesting your intention, whole body toning, eating plant based foods and using organic products. In a playful way, she introduces her students to the most authentic expression of themselves, inside and outside the yoga studio making changes that last forever.

Meredith is dedicated to giving back to the community with kid’s yoga classes through local events and private schools. She is very proactive in sharing her love and knowledge of her lifestyle within her community to help build a strong foundation of health and happy living for everyone.

Meredith completed a nutrition program in 2006 in Los Angeles, California and is continuing her study of plant based nutrition at Cornell University. She has successfully helped many of her students transition to a plant based lifestyle and to enjoy juice cleansing. If you want to know about healthy living, Meredith is your guide.