Palo Alto
University Ave

Alison Buchanan

Vibe Yoga, Studio Rincon

Alison Ahmoye Buchanan is a Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. Her approach to teaching yoga is the same as her approach to life - quite simply, lead from the heart. Alison has completed about 300 hours of training with Baron Baptiste and is working toward her 500-hour certification through YogaSource Los Gatos. Alison also teaches Hot Pilates, a high-intensity interval training workout, with a focus on core and strength. Outside the traditional studio setting, Alison works with teenage girls through the Art of Yoga Project, and is passionate about the Prison Yoga Project. Come find your POWER with Alison at Studio Rincon or Vibe Yoga Studio! Read the profile >>

Ginny Lee

SoulCycle Palo Alto

A Southern Bell from North Carolina, Ginny will kick your booty into gear at SoulCycle Palo Alto! With a background in acting, Vinyasa and surfing. Ginny brings riders to a place where they can ride and leave their inhibitions at the door. Ginny loves a range of music in her class; from modern day tunes to classic rock. Catch her in a class with her signature custom grunge outfits. Ginny will challenge you in every class to breathe deep, spin fast , and work for the burn! Read the profile >>

John Rettger

John teaches Restorative, Yin, Prenatal & Vinyasa styles of yoga. He graduated from Yoga Tree San Francisco's training program. He is certified from It's Yoga Kids in San Francisco to teach yoga to children ages 3-13. john was extensive training in minfulness-based approaches to stress reduction, wellness and psychotherapy. Off the mat, John works as a clinical researcher and lab manager at the Stanford University Ealry Life Stress Research program, where he is accruing post-doctoral research and clinical psychology training hours. John's current research is focused on developing mindfulness and yoga-based well-ness programs for youth, teachers, and mental health professionals. John received a PhD in clinical psychology from the institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Read the profile >>

Shyamal Kapadia

Running has been Shyamal’s passion for over 20 years for fitness, competition, socializing, stress-relief, and charity. For the past 6 years, Shyamal has coached half and full marathoners for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program. When racing himself, he has competed in raced up to 100 miles, but realizes that each person chooses their own intensity and distance in running. On Monday evenings, join Shyamal and the lululemon Palo Alto run club for a fun workout to relax after your workday, make new friends, and challenge yourself! Read the profile >>

William Cristobal

Yoga Belly

William got hooked on yoga instantly when he started his practice in 2004. To deepen his practice, he became certified through Yoga Alliance in Power Yoga. His inspiration comes from his enjoyment of physical movementm love for really cool pop music and being with people. Inspired by his favorite gurus William's style focuses on ujjayi breath, core work, vinyasas, and lots of laughter. William has been a proud lululemon ambassador since 2010 and has renewed his residency as an ambassador once again. Catch him instucting class in-store on Sundays and at his studio, Yoga Belly. His vision is to make yoga fun and accessible to all! Read the profile >>