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Danette May


Danette May, a former executive with Icon Health and Fitness and DVD fitness star is the Founder of Mindful Health, LLC., which has enabled her to follow her dream of helping millions of people feel and look their best while living more zestful, healthy lives. She is the author of Eat, Drink, and Shrink, 7 Day Jumpstart, and Bikini Body Detox. These books were created to help busy men and women who have a true desire to lose weight and be healthier. Danette has also launched an online coaching and membership program, Forever Fit Personal Training. It’s for individuals that want a more personalized system to achieve their weight loss goals.

Besides being an astounding fitness person that really cares about helping those around her, Danette has had three children- dealing with the loss of her son at birth. She completely understands the different curveballs life can throw at you. From life, death, divorce, and even being a single parent, she’s been there and knows how easy it is to use what’s going on around you as an excuse for not taking care of yourself. All of life’s challenges have helped Danette develop a deeper appreciation for eating healthy, staying active, and focus on looking and feeling her best. Danette dedicates her life to creating health and happiness in body, heart, mind and soul. Her mission is to instill the same lifestyle in her children, as well as millions of people around the world.