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Bethany Eanes

Namaste Highland Park

Bethany Eanes is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, senior teacher trainer for Mukti Yoga School, lululemon ambassador, yoga coach to the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team and founder of Yoga High, Inc., a comprehensive system of physical movement and mental stillness to live a life you will love. As a lifelong competitive athlete, Bethany designs her Yoga High classes, retreats, workshops and trainings to be physically challenging while balancing them to be emotionally nourishing, personally fulfilling and spiritually uplifting. Yoga found Bethany after 20 years on the soccer field, post-knee reconstruction and at a time when she needed positive change in her life. The Yoga path has made her a better wife, sister, daughter and pet-mama. Every day, it makes her a better teacher. Yoga teaches Bethany the power of choice and her capacity to choose love in every situation. She teaches by the most important rule her guru ever taught her, "Love holds the highest vibration." Simply put, Bethany loves Yoga, and Yoga loves her right back, giving her an everlasting buzz.