Mia Read

Mia has been instructing pilates for five years now and has loved every step of the way. Mia has completed a number of courses including matwork, reformer, cadillac chair and barrel. In addition to this, Mia has increased her knowledge in her field by completing a number of short courses in anatomy. Pilates main focus is function movement whether that be for rehabilitation purpose, well being, relaxation, or even mind body connection. There is never a right of wrong answer in pilates, it is continuously progressing with new challenges set everyday. The end result is a balanced, strong and toned body with great posture and joint mobility. Read the profile >>

Tim Almond


Fitness Success is defined as deleloping strength, improving musclemass, reducing body dat and acquiring endurance, mobility and vitality. That is the essence of Box33 and can be achieved by anyone seeking a stronger, happier lifestyle. Read the profile >>