Perth : Cottesloe

Lloyd Johnson

Lloyd Johnson is a Sports Scientist, ZUU Master Trainer and the owner of Aspire Personal Training & Aspire Performance in Perth, Western Australia.

Lloyd is a Level 1 Master Trainer in ZUU and a qualified Exercise Scientist, having completed his Bachelor of Science: Exercise and Health Degree at the University of Western Australia in 2009. Since the age of 9, he has been heavily involved in rugby union representing Western Australia & Queensland regularly and reaching a semi-professional level as an inaugural member of the Western Force Academy in 2006. From here he received a scholarship to the University of the West of England to play at the ‘British Universities’ winning side Hartpury College at Twickenham before a shoulder reconstruction forced him out of action for a year. With his love of rugby and passion for fitness, Lloyd quickly became involved during this time in personal training relishing the opportunity and challenge of working with a huge variety of individuals, from children with autism to cancer sufferers and aspiring athletes to the elderly.

With his sporting background Lloyd particularly enjoyed working with athletes which led him to discover his most recent passion - 'ZUU', a high energy 'primal movement,' bodyweight style of conditioning which he believes bridges the gap between 'hardcore' Strength & Conditioning programs and the core strength, mobility and flexibility gains associated with yoga and pilates. Lloyd was lucky enough to be privately trained by the creator of this training style and is now the only qualified, accredited coach in Western Australia.

Having always had a passion for health and fitness, Lloyd has experienced first-hand the many mental and physical benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle through his professional sporting background and extensive exposure to elite training. He takes great satisfaction in seeing his clients achieve personal goals and now aims to provide this opportunity to all by developing his company Aspire PT and Aspire Performance. He hopes to create a one stop shop for health and fitness incorporating personal training, strength & conditioning, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, nutrition and remedial massage.