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Rom Hope

I’ve been practising yoga on and off for the past 16 years. Probably more off than on until 8 years ago when I decided to take my practice a little more seriously. Actually I found a style I liked and thought it might heal an old injury of mine I’d never treated. It didn’t fix the injury, but I loved the yoga and kept going back.
For many years I’ve worked in the world of physical therapies which has been a great source of learning about the human body. This has greatly informed my style of teaching.
Three years ago I started Twisting Peacock Yoga in Kalamunda. It was my local community and something I’d wanted to be a part of for some time. I loved that time; my students were amazing. I have now opened a new studio in Osborne Park and am enjoying the challenges that come with running a yoga studio.
Something you always hear as a yoga teacher is teach what you practice. I practice a stronger style of yoga and so that’s what I teach….Rocket Yoga (one of the original power yogas in the US), Hot Power Yoga and Hot Yoga.