Phoenix : Biltmore Fashion Park

Katie Mollica

Madison Improvement Club

After graduating from college in Los Angeles, CA, Katie needed a side job to be able to keep living by the beach. She found a small, boutique studio in Santa Monica where she worked the front desk checking people in for spinning, barre, and yoga. After being persuaded to try spin class by a co-worker she clipped in for the first time and was hooked by the music, the motivating instructor and the amount of hard work and sweat that the class called for. She was motivated to take the Mad Dogg Spinning certification in California. After completion, she was put in as a substitute when teachers couldn't make their allotted time slot and began to gain experience. When she decided to move home to Phoenix in 2012 she knew she needed to find a similar environment to keep teaching. Finding out the The Madison Improvement Club was under construction and that they offered spin and yoga was a giant sigh of relief. The 6:00 am time slot was all they had open and she grabbed it, already an early riser herself. The same thing that drew Katie to spin, hard work, is what she calls for her in her students. Expect to climb tough hills, jump to fun beats and sprint on flat roads in class all to the best music that spans a variety of genres. Early birds, unite! 6:00 am spin has never been more fun!