Pittsburgh : Ross Park Mall

Judy Napoleone


Judy Napoleone is passionate, energetic and dedicated to total health and fitness. She believes wellness is achieved through work-life balance and maintaining an active lifestyle. This master instructor has been working out at the barre since childhood, and her love of ballet and fitness carried into adulthood. Judy's passions became her profession when a knee injury forced her to focus on building core strength and flexibility through pilates and cycling. She was hooked and wanted to share her love of practice with a larger audience.

She is certified in spin cycling and is an advanced instructor through Power House Pilates (PHI). Her expertise in Pilates includes a strong focus on personal training and advanced mat work, as well as Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair and Barrel 1& 2.

Judy is the owner of The Studio Sewickley, where she widened her love for the practice to include The BarreAmped Method. She was the first to bring the barre method to Pittsburgh. Along with Pilates and yoga, Judy fell in love with the BarreAmped technique. The combination of Pilates, barre and yoga is an amazing ritual she believes everyone should incorporate into their daily lives to achieve a balance of strength and flexibility.

Outside her studio, Judy enjoys an active lifestyle with her husband and their three wonderful children. Her high energy and enthusiasm are sure to motivate you for an intense work out! Judy’s family and teaching has brought great joy to her daily life, for which she is very grateful.