Pittsburgh : Ross Park Mall

Wendy Foster Elliott


The more I learn about yoga, the more truly magical it becomes for me. Underneath the very physical edge of sweat, muscles, breath and strength moves a deep and energizing ocean of what, for me, is extraordinarily spiritual: a compassion, an interconnectedness, a way of being. Yoga has brought me deep faith in the human
spirit and the divine energy that links us. Yoga moves me.

Fueling this faith is the tremendous sense of community I find in yoga. I learn from each interaction I have with practitioners and am nourished watching students grow in this practice.

After my first 200 hours, for which I am truly grateful, I have had the opportunity to practice and train with many awesome yoga communities. including Charleston Power Yoga, Forever OM in Illinois, Bliss Yoga in Cayman and Jivamukti in NY. I spent one incredible week in Sedona with Baptiste Yoga, and life-changing time with Next Generation Yoga of San Diego for my kids training.

The teachers with whom I have spent the most time, however, are Gregor Singleton
and Claire Este-Mcdonald, two people who live their yoga throughout their life, not just in the studio, a philosophy I try to get the hang of every day. I was blessed to do 200 hours with them, an advanced workshop with them at Kripalu and an assisting workshop in August. I am thrilled to begin my next 300 hours with them this spring.

My greatest blessings, though, are here: Phillip, my yoga and life partner, our
daughter, two sons, four dogs and variety of other creatures, including (but never limited to) crayfish, hermit crabs and the occasional wounded bird. My favorite times are in the ocean with them and cracking up over something silly at our sacred pizza nights. They, the salt family, and our community are what keep me grounded, challenge me and send me soaring. Move and be moved.