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Jo Stokes

Lifetime Fitness

Jo is 500 hr E-RYT certified, certified Yoga Therapist, LifePower Yoga Master Teacher Trainer, and LifePower Yoga Teacher Training Faculty. She began her crazy, wonderful, transformational yoga journey in 1998 as a way to heal her hip and S.I joint from years of pain. After seeing numerous doctors, she found healing after just a few yoga classes and some therapeutic yoga stretches. It was shortly after that she began teaching yoga to help others find the joy of healing through Yoga’s therapeutic applications.

In time, she was finally able to yoga jump/float forward(after 15 years of practice), numerous yoga trainings with many amazing teachers, loads of conferences and retreats, 6 yoga certifications, and whole lot of self study, she now describes herself as a “Spiritual Junkie” and a “Minister of Peace, Love and Magic”. She is passionate about living life with boundless energy and unconditional love and acceptance, along with a deep awareness and connection to your own unlimited potential.

Her intention for each class is to cultivate a more mindful, internal approach to movement, and to begin moving beyond the physicality of the postures, awakening us to our inner true spirit and the revelation of who we really are, what are we passionate about, and what is our purpose in life. In essence, getting out of the aesthetics of the pose and into the healing energy within. Along with that, she loves to incorporate a fun/playful vibe, powerful inspirational messages, motivating stories, and of course, rockin' good tunes.

Her message – Yoga & Meditation ARE the doorways to the power we all have within to change and if you will ~ Heal, not only our bodies, minds, thoughts, situations, relationships, and our lives, but also to inspire every one of us to be ministers of change and healing in others, in our communities, and in our world.