Plano : Shops at Legacy

Ryan Southern

North Plano Crossfit

Ryan Southern is a level 1 CrossFit trainier and co-owner of North Plano CrossFit in the Shops at Legacy. Ryan began his athletic journey playing competitive soccer and moving on to basketball in school. He is driven by seeing people achieve things that they didn’t think were possible and that is part of what led him to CrossFit.
"CrossFit focuses on making you better in and out of the gym. There is a huge piece of CrossFit that involves making people better athletes but more importantly better fathers, mothers, employees, bosses and community citizens. It has changed my life and now I want to pay it forward."
Ryan is passionate about perfecting movement and caring for individuals on their journey to life long health and wellness. He has always enjoyed the “art” of coaching and recognizes how lucky coaches are. "Coaches are given the opportunity to have an impact on people’s lives and you must take that seriously but you have to have fun along the way as well," he says.
When Ryan is not in the gym he enjoys hanging out with his wife Amy (also a level 1 CrossFit trainer), son Hudson and their two dogs Rogan and Dax.