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Wendy Randall

Hot Body Yoga

Wendy is a devoted teacher and practitioner of all things fitness. Wendy Randall believes that moving your body every day will change your life. Beginning her journey in wellness with personal training and teaching group cardio and strength classes she soon realized that sweat is life altering. Seeing changes in not only herself but her students through consistent fitness programs, she made it a lifelong career and goal to spread the word. She has developed numerous successful programs for Colorado Athletic Club (Denver, CO) and Lifetime Fitness (Minneapolis, MN & Dallas, TX). Wendy has lead group training and fitness classes for decades, and both Pilates & Yoga since 1998. She holds degrees in Education, Occupational Therapy, Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching. Students can expect a fusion of her deep yearning and passion to share the message that fitness is fun with strength, cardio intervals, yoga and Pilates all in one session. She is not afraid to color outside the lines with both her creative combinations and her musical play list.

Her feeling that she learns more from her students then she teaches them comes across in her compassionate, soulful style. Encouraging them to dare to go outside the comfort zone she conveys strongly that growth, change and transformation happen there. The challenging physical practice of Ashtanga yoga originally brought her to studying and pursuing teaching yoga. She very soon figured out that yoga has an impact on every aspect of our being. Passionate about Power Vinyasa and also, the science of alignment in her classes, students are encouraged to tune in through sweat, feel deeply, enjoy the moment and find their inner Rock Star. Wendy’s mission is to help fellow yogi’s bridge the gap between the ancient teaching and modern life. Believing that yoga happens not just in the studio on the mat but it is a philosophy of all things mind, body & spirit that we live daily.

She practices and teaches a holistic approach. With the belief that in life, food is everything that feeds you. It goes beyond the food you eat to family, friends, love, relationships, work, spirituality, purpose and much more. We are all looking for balance to find joy, peace and equanimity. Developing and maintaining a committed yoga and fitness practice has the power to help us find what we seek.

Wendy founded HOT BODY YOGA in Frisco, TX. The mission: A strong positive attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug. Yoga is the most powerful medicine in the world and it can change your life. Throughout this process she is living her favorite mantra ~ Growth and change happen outside the comfort zone.