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Bliss German

Yoga Fusion, Studio 7 Fitness

Bliss found yoga back in 2001, a midst making some challenging life decisions - thrilled to find the peace of mind that accompanies yoga, it became her new-found therapy - while at the time, being a single mom, student, and employee, she found her mat to be the place to reconnect with her true self -- always proving to reunite her with her inner strength, peace and a sense of well-being and freedom - wanting to share that, she became a certified yoga instructor -

Bliss is a graduate of the Yoga Movement Center’s 2008 Advanced Studies/Teacher Training program in Walnut Creek, CA and of the 2013 Boga Yoga Teacher Training (stand up paddle board yoga) – She enjoys teaching classes (individual and group) throughout the East Bay Area. Bliss also holds two degrees from UC Berkeley, one in Psychology, the background that drives her ongoing interests and explorations into to the mental and spiritual realms of yoga.

When not on the mat, Bliss loves to spend time with her husband, Chris, and her three children, Max, Kai, and Siena. She enjoys traveling, learning about different cultures, and strives to regularly give back to society through various acts of seva (volunteer service).