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Genell Vashro Huston


Genell Vashro Huston: studio owner (Lila East End Yoga), Hatha yoga teacher, mom, dedicated partner, and keen adventurer.

The practice of yoga has been inspiring her life since 1999 through movement, intention, reflection, and bliss. Genell has completed two National Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings, and continues to be inspired to grow her practice and teachings by ongoing trainings with teachers both locally and nationally.

She brings her bright personality, keen understanding of alignment, creative sequencing, and love for the practice of yoga to each class. All levels are welcome to join her classes. Expect to move with thoughtful engagement and to challenge yourself to be present with your breath and body throughout class.

As studio owner and yoga teacher, she is thrilled to be able to offer the Portland community a space to practice and collectively celebrate our innate, playful, spirited selves through movement.

Yoga has provided a platform for Genell to further explore her relationship with her self, her community, and the natural world around. She believes in the practice involving and evolving into more than just asanas (physical postures). The keen awareness, appreciation, joy, and respect that is cultivated through the poses and meditation is carried with her off her mat. Whether it is watching her son take his first steps, surfing on the coast, honest conversations with her husband, biking on a brilliant sunny day, laughing with friends, or planting in her garden, Genell sees the beauty in the natural gifts that surround us and embraces life with zeal.