Princeton : Palmer Square

Alumni Ambassador Alex Obe

Alex has been involved in some form athletics for as long as he can remember, “It’s simply a part of my
DNA” he says. He believes many people do not recognize the inner strength they possess and often asks
them to give more than they realized they were capable of doing during their sessions with him. As the
owner of P.T.S. Health and Fitness, Alex has cultivated a culture of “doing just a little bit more” not only
within his staff but his clientele as well.

There is a saying that in life, nothing worth having can be had without sacrifice. For Alex, the same holds
true with fitness. “Every day we must make choices that can either maintain or derail us on our lifelong
journey of achieving fitness; whatever that may be for each of us.” Whether we choose to sleep in or
set the alarm a little earlier to hit the gym in the morning makes a difference; likewise our decision to
hydrate naturally or use products laden with artificial sweeteners plays a factor in our waistlines as well.

Alex invites all of his clients to embrace the idea that although they might “suffer” through a workout,
the permanent pride and elation they feel completing the impossible will far outweigh any temporary
discomfort they might initially feel.

P.T.S. is located in Skillman and has been helping its members get into the best shape of their lives for
over 15 years. They offer general memberships and specialize in personal training.