Princeton : Palmer Square

Alumni Ambassador Linda Domino

Gratitude Yoga

Linda is passionate about yoga and a dedicated yoga practioner and teacher. She strives to create a sense of community in her classes where students feel comfortable, make connections, and create wellness inside and out. Linda started practicing yoga over 10 years ago¸ seeking to balance her busy life of work and caring for her two young children. She believes that yoga spurred a change in her life and the way she viewed and cared for her body, and that inspired her to share the practice with others.
Linda has worked with students of all ages and abilities in group classes, private sessions and special events. She weaves together elements of her training in Core Strength Vinyasa, Anusara, and Iyengar yoga into her classes along with inspirations, challenge and fun. She loves to teach, and she loves to share with students the experience of leaving a practice feeling relaxed, strong, and free in body and mind.
Linda plans to continue her study of the therapeutic aspects of yoga, specifically ways that yoga can complement the treatment of illnesses such as cancer and multiple sclerosis. She feels quite blessed to have the ability to pursue her passion. She shares her life as well as her love for travel, food, and the outdoors with her husband, son and daughter.