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Alumni Ambassador Nancy McCorry


After welcoming her second daughter in 1999, Nancy left her career in corporate America to follow her love for teaching and fitness. She became a Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and shortly thereafter, pursued her interest in becoming a Certified Spinning® Instructor.

Nancy took her passion for the Spinning® program to a whole new level, and this past year, applied to be on the Master Instructor Team. Now, Nancy is 1 of 130 elite representatives of the Spinning® program across the globe who educates and inspires other fitness professionals, teaching Spinning® Orientations and continuing education workshops. Nancy states, “being on the Master Instructor Team was more than just a goal for me, it was a dream. For several years, I wondered how awesome it would be to take my passion for being a Spinning® Instructor to the next level, and teach other instructors, spreading my knowledge and expertise for this amazing program.” “And, for me, the Spinner® bike is my Yoga mat. It is truly amazing when you are able to experience peacefulness and harmony in your riding, especially when you find it at the top of your steepest hill. This is what I love to instill in others!”

In addition to working as a Master Instructor, Nancy continues to teach several weekly Spinning® classes, and fulfills her love for Personal Training by teaching individual and small group TRX® Suspension Training sessions.

In August, 2011, Nancy was selected to attend the Lululemon Ambassador Summit in Vancouver, Canada. “What an amazing, amazing experience,” says Nancy. “I wish every person could attend this Summit. From the goal setting sessions… to the dreaming about your ideal life…to the Happy Movie…to the moments of sharing thoughts and experiences with so many amazing people, I felt lifted to a place where I had never been. I love Lululemon’s vision of ‘Elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness.’ This statement continues to move me in so many ways, in my home and professional life, in relationships, etc. My second favorite, Sweat Once a Day! Thank you so much, Lululemon Athletica!”

Nancy thanks her husband, Owen, for his never-ending love and support, and for the gift of their three beautiful children, Caroline, Ally & Grace.

You can take a class with Nancy at CAN DO Fitness Club in Princeton, NJ or Yoga M.A.T.T. in Hillsborough, NJ