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Alumni Ambassador Yasi Moshiri

Yasi began her life in athletics in middle school due to peer pressure and an 'everybody is doing it' attitude. She continued in high school where she pursued her athletic career in college to play field hockey. After school and athletics was over, she looked to running as a way to get her body back in shape and fill the void that playing a sport once held. After running casually for a few months, she looked into triathlons to give her another goal to reach towards. She completed her first sprint triathlon in September of 2008 and has been going ever since. As she began tackling longer distances in triathlon, she decided she would also test her legs in a stand-alone half-marathon. Her first half marathon was in May of 2009, and much like her first triathlon, left her itching for more. After two half marathons and several sprint and olympic distance triathlons she decided it was time to step up the game. She settled on her first half Ironman in September of 2010 and her first marathon (NYC) in November of 2010. She loves the mental challenge that endurance events hold and has a goal of completing her first Ironman before she is 30 and plays with the idea of possibly running an ultra one day. In the meantime, she's training for the Rutgers half marathon in April, the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia in May and hopefully another half ironman in June or July.

Aside from swim, bike, and running all the time, Yasi is a high school history teacher and a coach of multiple sports (field hockey, swimming and girls lacrosse). When she finds the time to squeeze it in she loves cooking, reading, baking, and writing her blog ( You can easily find Yasi pursuing the lululemon athletica
Princeton store, or even leading run club!