Princeton : Palmer Square

Lara Heimann

Lara is a 200-Hour RYT with over 14 years of teaching, registered physical therapist, natural foods chef, and health coach based in Princeton, NJ. She fosters her growing community through her studio classes, workshops at Princeton University and in the tri-state area, and the support of the wonderful lululemon athletica Princeton team. From marathons to dance-aerobics, fitness has always played a role in Lara’s life. But once she discovered yoga, Lara knew she found the ultimate practice and it became an integral part of her life. The simplicity of coming to the mat with breath and intention to build strength and confidence has made her stronger on the mat and stronger in life - more compassionate, patient, calm, and clear. YogaStream, Lara’s teaching style, is about reaching to the bottom and discovering the river of power within all of us. Through the YogaStream practice Lara guides her students to their reservoirs of strength so that they may access it on and off the mat.