Providence : Providence Showroom

Caroline Pope Peavy

Shri Studio

Her classes are high energy, yet leave you feeling invigorated; She will encourage you to push yourself farther in your practice than you can push yourself, but at the same time she is supportive and nourishing. Prepare yourself to try new things, get deeper into familiar postures, go upside down and grow more connected to your breath and your inner self, facing your fears and finding a deeper connection to your soul.... while grooving to a great mix of music! Caroline finished her 200-hour teacher training through Tom Gillette at Eyes Of The World Yoga Studio. She was challenged from the start, but she loved the challenge and was so grateful for all her teachers; they continue to inspire me every day. She deeply understands the need for a space that focuses on urban revitalization, and feels the importance of bringing the physical and mental disciplines of yoga to a wider section of the population. Shri Studio is a wonderful space to spread the love of life in the body.