Queenstown : Queenstown

Louise Parker


I trained at Sydney Uni and earned my stripes as a physio in the hospitals of Sydney but soon fell for the lure of the Southern Alps and moved to Queenstown. Since then I’ve spent eight years on the front line working with injured skiers, mountain bikers and trail runners to get them back out into the mountains. A good day for me is when I see more of my clients on the trail and the chairlift than I do in the treatment room. So with that in mind I started the Studio – Pilates and Physiotherapy.
Our business model is simple- do a fantastic job with your clients, use the best techniques to heal them properly, teach them how to move properly to avoid re-injuring themselves and then let them do the talking. So far it’s been a great success.
The Pilates method really lends itself both to achieving goal for clients I’m working with and for myself. I love to get outdoors- sea kayaking, ski touring, rock climbing, trail running, tramping or biking. My reality in training is that being 20% stronger doesn’t make you 20% faster- movement efficiency is the key to performance. My pilates practice helps me play in the hills more, with less injuries.
In 2010 I began the Run Like a Girl program to help raise funds for the Pink Pilates Program; a physiotherapy program developed to support people recovering from cancer treatments. Run Like a Girl has evolved into a program for men and women that teaches people how to run and it’s been a real pleasure enhancing running technique in the Wakatipu. As a physiotherapist who is a runner I see a lot of injured runners- prevention is always better than cure!