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Carrington Jackson

Blue Lotus Yoga

Carrington took the first steps along her yogic path in Denver, Colorado, in 1994. Her journey began with Bikram Yoga and after a few years, she found herself drawn to the strength and beauty of Vinyasa Yoga. Through the creative process of marrying movement to breath, the transformation from a physical practice to a spiritual practice was born. After much time as a student, Carrington gratefully attained RYT200 status in 2004 and RYT500 in 2010. Along her journey, Carrington realized yoga was much bigger than just a physical endeavor of asana, but rather a way to connect to the very core of self. The core of self is the place of spirit, the place of connection, the place of the divine. Ultimately, the soul of her practice is about bringing peace, understanding and healing to the world.... Read the profile >>

Lois Cromwell

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Paula Smith

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