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John Dill


John Dill is the founder and Head Coach at CrossFit Sua Sponte. He began training and
coaching CrossFit at Outlaw CrossFit in August 2009 after five years of service in the
US Army as an Airborne Ranger in 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. He
got his start in Fitness growing up right here in Raleigh playing and training for various
baseball, soccer, and basketball teams, and playing high school basketball at
Sanderson High School, before attending classes at The University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill.

His skills as a coach come from years spent as a student, experience as a
Plattoon Leader responsible for 75 Rangers, experience as both a regional competitor
in the 2010 and 2011 CrossFit Games and as a coach at the 2011 CrossFit Games
Finals, and his desire to grow and learn continuously through life. He trains/coaches
individuals and groups of all ages and fitness levels in nutrition, fitness, and athletic

In the fall of 1999, I began my studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
(UNC). After 4 years at UNC, I graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and
returned home to Raleigh North Carolina. Upon return with the events of September
11th 2001 still fresh on my mind, I decided to join the military. During my last two combat
deployments to Afghanistan as a Captain in 2nd Ranger Battalion, I began utilizing
CrossFit training to increase the functional fitness of both myself and the Rangers I was
responsible for leading. The unparalleled level of mental toughness and functional
fitness that CrossFit propagates and nourishes was a perfect fit for our needs as
Special Operations Soldiers. It was shortly thereafter that I took a job as a civilian
contractor for the Department of Defense and began training and coaching as a partner
at Outlaw CrossFit located in Old Towne Virginia in August 2009. The camaraderie,
active lifestyle, and brotherhood I was missing from my time in Ranger Battalion, I
quickly found again with CrossFit. It was at Outlaw CrossFit that I made the final
transition from the mundane traditional workout routines of my past to the well
developed constantly varied athletic challenge of CrossFit as a SPORT. I quickly
exceeded the highest level of fitness I had EVER achieved while in the military.
Moreover, I was inspired by the overachievement, people beating the odds, and the
physical and mental transformation I was witnessing in our clients in front of my eyes on
a daily basis.

During my time at Outlaw CrossFit we became one of the most successful competitive
CrossFit affiliates in the country. More importantly, we had a 65 year old lady named
Maggie Cohen who could barely walk when she came in the door and can now deadlift
195 lb, squat 135 lb, and run a mile sub 10 minutes for the first time in her life – EVER.
Our clients are not professional athletes or Special Ops soldiers. They are normal folks
just like you. They simply trusted us with their fitness, and they were not disappointed.

My Mission is simple: Build my business around the style of CrossFit and coaching that
I have come to love and around the same core values of Honor, Integrity, and Pursuit of
Excellence that were deeply instilled within me from the 75TH Ranger Regiment, in order
to create and sustain a thriving CrossFit Community and raise my two beautiful twin
daughters in my hometown of Raleigh NC.


John D. Dill
CrossFit Sua Sponte
Owner/Head Coach

-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
-USAW Sports Performance Coach
-CrossFit Powerlifting Certified
-BS in Biology from UNC