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Alex Yanez - Alumni

Alex has always been a natural athlete. He is able to pick up sports with ease, and quickly becomes great at it! In high school, he was a star on both football and baseball teams. While other activities took priority during his college years, Alex soon took up boxing after he graduated and was on a traveling amateur team, competing in the US, Canada and Europe, winning many matches along the way. Currently, Alex stays fit by competing in triathlons, which he took up in 2010 as a way to stay in shape. It wasn't long before Alex was finding himself at the top of the podium in the races he competed in. Alex enjoys staying active because he enjoys the challenge of pushing himself to the limits. Alex hopes to be able to help and be an inspiration to others as others have... Read the profile >>

Cathy Gonzalez - Alumni

Fun Fitness Boot Camp

My name is Cathy Gonzalez and I am Personal Trainer/ Boot Camp Instructor Extraordinaire here in Rancho Cucamonga. I have lived here for several years, my kids go to school here and I am well versed on the healthy aspects of our beautiful city. I attended boot camp myself (5:30 am) for about 6 years before deciding that I wanted to teach my own class. I got certified and actually started my own business. Fitness Fun Boot Camp (Upland Boot Camp) is the official name of my business and I am a franchise owner with Inland Empire Boot Camp. I started out with one camp here in Rancho, last year I opened a new camp in Upland and just this year I started up 2 20 minute kettlebell blaster classes. I have been teaching for a total of 3 years now and I can tell you that I honestly LOVE what I... Read the profile >>

Daniel Head - Alumni

The Yoga Room

Daniel Head, born and raised in Redlands, CA has always had a love for his community and a dream to bring Power Yoga to this area. He has been teaching yoga in the Inland Empire for over 15 years now, during that time he has taught thousands of people. His classes are packed full of students (50-120 students a class) and attracts students from all across Southern California. Daniel brought Power Vinyasa Yoga to the Redlands community when he opened The Yoga Room in 2003. The passion to share what he believes, to live the healthiest lifestyle, has inspired this community and many of his yoga students to follow their dreams and live life to the fullest. Read the profile >>

Destiny Owen - Alumni

BFit & NShape Health Center

My belief is that becoming fit can come from many different aspects for individuals. My goal is to find a program that suits each of my clients for a long term journey to their absolute best. Not only physically but in all areas of life. Having a major back surgery seven years ago left me with atrophy and a broken spirit. By overcoming my own personal obstacles it left me thriving to show others that there is always a way to well-being no matter what ailment. This is why being a trainer and life coach is not only a job to me but truly a passion. I feel that it is of the utmost importance that I lead by example. This is why I always strive to become better and have now completely about 20 different races including ultra- marathons, marathons, half-marathons, 10k’s, 5k’s, as well as... Read the profile >>

Doug Moss - Alumni

Green Tara Yoga

My yoga journey began as a kid surrounded by yoga, tai chi, drumming, classic rock and jazz in Northern California. I returned to yoga in 1994 and found immense value in yoga on and off the mat. I made a firm commitment to adopting a yogic lifestyle and to study the practice more deeply in 1999 while trekking across the Tongariro in New Zealand. I have since found an amazing array of yogis and yoginis who have helped me further along my path. I am a self proclaimed yoga mutt. I have studied and practices numerous styles of movement arts and yoga. I have distilled from each and fostered an eclectic yoga style that is my own. I am a firm believer in 1000 PATHS ....... 1 YOGA . Yoga is a liberation art and science. Yoga provides us with the tools to better navigate the rivers and... Read the profile >>

Lisette Gracial

The Yoga Unit

Lisette is a 200hr certified Yoga Alliance instructor, personally practicing yoga for 6 years and has instructed Vinyasa (flow) yoga for the past 5 years. She enjoys instructing intermediate to advanced Vinyasa and supporting her students as they grow in their yoga practice. She also specializes in private instruction for furthering the practice and alignment of all yoga levels. Lisette's fitness background is in Gymnastics, Swimming and Water Polo. She enjoys interacting with her students to create an enjoyable, energetic and fun experience throughout each class. Read the profile >>

Lizette Dinsay - Alumni

I started racing when I was in the 7th grade. I ran competitively all throughout high school and college. Post-college, I needed something to motivate me to continue working out and to stay in shape, so I began competing in local 5Ks, half-marathons and triathlons. My proudest moment as an athlete was completing my first Ironman Triathlon in November 2012. The successes I have attained in sports have come from the help of others. Whether it be a coach, a teammate, a training partner or a loved one showing me support for what I do, it is because of them that I have been able to do so much in running and triathlon (coupled with hours and hours and hours of training, of course). When things get tough during training or racing, I remind myself of my motto in high school - “I don’t... Read the profile >>

Michelle Bell - Alumni


Hi! I’m Michelle Bell, a SPIN instructor/owner at PEDAL! You will find me bouncing back and forth, teaching classes mostly at our Rancho Cucamonga and Claremont studios. I moved out here from the windy city of Chicago with many goals in tow. With a passion to pursue a music career and continue my work in the fashion/film industry as a makeup artist and a licensed esthetician, there was a missing puzzle piece and I was determined to find my rhythm here in SoCal. Eight years later, I have a beautiful husband and daughter and these amazing people I get to motivate and SPIN with everyday at my studios - I feel so blessed! I started SPINNING 12 years ago to drop 25 lbs and I quickly became a SPIN-ADDICT craving the high intensity of a SPIN class and the energy it always delivered. I... Read the profile >>

Nicole Schwander Riel - Alumni

Claremont Yoga

Nicole is the co-owner/director of Claremont Yoga. She has been practicing yoga since 2000, and initially sought out the practice to help her deal with intense lower back pain and sciatica. To her delight she found that her back issues were completely healed with a regular, committed practice. Today she studies with teachers Noah Maze, Christina Sell and Alma White. Her classes range from deeply restorative, to a strong, flowing practice. She infuses the Anusara Principles of Alignment into her teachings, along with playful movement and flow, pranayama, and application of yoga into daily life. Nicole also teaches Restorative Yoga at the Casa Colina Rehabilitation Center in Pomona, for the Fibromyalgia Care Program. She has experienced the profound healing that yoga has brought into her... Read the profile >>

Nish - Alumni

Axiom Crossfit

Nish is the co-owner of Axiom Crossfit, A gym known for it’s dedicated athletes, passionate coaches and welcoming sense of community. Axiom is more of a family of friends than a box full of “gym members.” As a head trainer, Nish’s ability to inspire and motivate is second to none. Big lifts, a big mouth and an even bigger heart are Nish’s marks. She has an excitement for Crossfit, Strongfit, and Olympic weightlifting that can be seen through the intensity of her training and her coaching. Nish has a fire for Crossfit that has taken the Axiom family to great places and with a 400lb. Deadlift, there is no doubt who the alpha-female is around here. Read the profile >>

Philip Fulton - Alumni

Inner Evolution Yoga

Born in Kansas and raised in Africa, Philip’s unique upbringing and extraordinary life experiences provide him with a progressive and unparalleled insight into teaching yoga. Philip began studying Yoga in 2003 as a means to improve his rock-climbing skills. He couldn’t believe the power and flexibility he developed that took his climbing to the next level. Not only did his physical strength and stamina improve dramatically, but he found mental clarity; that same ‘connection’ that was there on the rock he found on the yoga mat.??Philip has been certified in both contemporary and classic methods of yoga and continues to blend the best of both worlds, resulting in a style the builds not only physical power, but mental strength and agility as well. No matter what physical shape a... Read the profile >>