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Destiny Owen


My belief is that becoming fit can come from many different aspects for individuals. My goal is to find a program that suits each of my clients for a long term journey to their absolute best. Not only physically but in all areas of life. Having a major back surgery seven years ago left me with atrophy and a broken spirit. By overcoming my own personal obstacles it left me thriving to show others that there is always a way to well-being no matter what ailment. This is why being a trainer and life coach is not only a job to me but truly a passion. I feel that it is of the utmost importance that I lead by example. This is why I always strive to become better and have now completely about 20 different races including ultra- marathons, marathons, half-marathons, 10k’s, 5k’s, as well as directed my own races for charities including City of Hope. I find it a personal responsibility to bring health and wellness in my community and have established a faithful large client base and successfully opened a fully equipped fitness facility. I possess a love for fitness and strong principals on being consistent and setting myself apart with my willingness to go to any extent to find what motivates each individual towards success. I’ve trained for ABC’s tv show, “The Revolution.” As well as gold medal triathlon winners and professional physique competitors. I specialize in modifying workouts for patients referred directly after physical therapy.