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Doug Moss - Alumni


My yoga journey began as a kid surrounded by yoga, tai chi, drumming, classic rock and jazz in Northern California. I returned to yoga in 1994 and found immense value in yoga on and off the mat. I made a firm commitment to adopting a yogic lifestyle and to study the practice more deeply in 1999 while trekking across the Tongariro in New Zealand. I have since found an amazing array of yogis and yoginis who have helped me further along my path.

I am a self proclaimed yoga mutt. I have studied and practices numerous styles of movement arts and yoga. I have distilled from each and fostered an eclectic yoga style that is my own. I am a firm believer in 1000 PATHS ....... 1 YOGA .

Yoga is a liberation art and science. Yoga provides us with the tools to better navigate the rivers and tributaries of life. Yoga may be sacred but I believe that yoga is also play. Yoga time is an opportunity to return to the playfulness of childhood. I love to provide a safe and inviting environment that stresses being playful while engaging in the living art of yoga.

My classes focus on revealing and enhancing each student's essence...their strengths, balance, intuition, wisdom and ability to shine. Form and alignment are practices along with elements of freestyle flow that provide each student an opportunity to develop their "own style and practice".

Besides yoga I love cycling, running, hiking and trekking. I have traveled to 6 continents and over 45 countries. I love exotic foods, languages and hammock time.