Cornwall Centre

Colin Hall

bodhi tree yoga

Colin started practicing hatha yoga in 1999 and after completely immersing himself in the practice he was accepted into the Yoga Studio of Calgary’s teacher training program in 2001 where he was fortunate to find one of his most influential teachers David McAmmond. With a background in religious studies, Colin found the historical and philosophical aspects of yoga fascinating and slowly began to integrate the many facets of yoga. Colin began teaching part way through his teacher training program and after graduation quickly became a full time yoga teacher. Colin taught at a number of Calgary yoga studios as well as throughout the city for health clubs, corporations, sports organizations, and community associations. He continued to push... Read the profile >>

Emma Korkola

Yoga Mala

Emma Korkola has been sharing her love of yoga with the community as owner/director of Yoga Mala for the past 7 years. Emma’s passion for yoga is contagious—and her desire to foster a strong yoga community is deeply rooted in her personal practice. A dedicated Ashtanga practitioner, Emma’s love and commitment to the Ashtanga method, fuel her teaching and inspire her life. She aspires to instill in her students a sense of joy and devotion within their own yogic paths. Emma has been teaching Ashtanga Yoga for the past 13 years. She has received her Second Series certification with David Swenson, studied with Sharath Rangaswamy, and continues to learn under the guidance of Tim Feldmann and Kino Macgregor. An avid student, Emma has sought to deepen... Read the profile >>

Jeff Petryna

Level 10 Fitness

Jeff Petryna (Bachelor of Kinesiology, Certified Exercise Physiologist & member of the Sports Medicine & Science Council) Jeff is a Certified Exercise Physiologist at Level 10 Fitness in Regina, SK. For over the last 10 years, Jeff has been helping his clients achieve and exceed their fitness and sport performance goals. Jeff loves what he does and it shows in his personal commitment to fitness and in the dedication he brings to his clients who range from professional athletes, to athletes with a disability, to everyday people looking for a great workout. Jeff leads a successful performance training practice based on the extreme, the intense and the extraordinary. Jeff has a keen ability to connect with what motivates people when it comes... Read the profile >>

Jen Ruland

Bachelor of Physical Activity Studies CSEP-Certified Exercise Physiologist American College of Sports Medicine- Exercise Specialist NCCP Level 1 Sport Coach (Running Focus) YMCA Certified Group Fitness Instructor Certified Keiser Cycling Instructor Always heavily involved in team sports, she decided it was time for a new challenge as an adult and took up running, triathlon and adventure racing in 2007/2008. Although loving all three, her passion burned through for distance running. Jen’s now done over 55 running races in the last 5 years and has spent the last 2 years testing her body to extremes. Most recently taking up ultramarathons and she hasn’t looked back. Loving the raw nature and beauty of the extreme courses and the physical test of limits keeps her coming back... Read the profile >>

Tina Hnatiuk

Anala Yoga

Joyful and inspirational, Tina Hnatiuk is a soulful teacher who is quick to laugh and playful in her approach to teaching and practicing. As a Personal Coach, Tina brings elements of coaching to her classes by encouraging her students to challenge their limiting beliefs, creating intention, and the cultivation of gratitude. You’ll often hear her say playfully to “Smile, and don’t take yoga too seriously. After all, it’ll only change your life!” Our mats are our laboratories and the asana are a series of powerful experiments which ultimately lead to self- realization and freedom. Tina’s mission has always been simple: to help people live happier, healthier lives, with more clarity, bigger vision, and deeper meaning in their everyday... Read the profile >>