Regina : Cornwall Centre

Emma Korkola

Emma Korkola has been sharing her love
of yoga with the community as
owner/director of Yoga Mala for the past
7 years. Emma’s passion for yoga is
contagious—and her desire to foster a
strong yoga community is deeply rooted
in her personal practice. A dedicated
Ashtanga practitioner, Emma’s love and
commitment to the Ashtanga method, fuel
her teaching and inspire her life. She
aspires to instill in her students a
sense of joy and devotion within their
own yogic paths. Emma has been teaching
Ashtanga Yoga for the past 13 years. She
has received her Second Series
certification with David Swenson,
studied with Sharath Rangaswamy, and
continues to learn under the guidance of
Tim Feldmann and Kino Macgregor. An avid
student, Emma has sought to deepen her
practice through with Paul Grille (Yin
Yoga), Rameen Peyrow (SATTVA School of
Yoga), and most recently, Paulie Zink
(Yin Yoga Institute). Her gratitude for
this practice and her love of the
Ashtanga method shines brightly to all
who meet Emma.