Regina : Cornwall Centre

Jeff Petryna

Jeff Petryna
(Bachelor of Kinesiology, Certified
Exercise Physiologist & member of the
Sports Medicine & Science Council)

Jeff is a Certified Exercise
Physiologist at Level 10 Fitness in
Regina, SK. For over the last 10 years,
Jeff has been helping his clients
achieve and exceed their fitness and
sport performance goals. Jeff loves what
he does and it shows in his personal
commitment to fitness and in the
dedication he brings to his clients who
range from professional athletes, to
athletes with a disability, to everyday
people looking for a great workout. Jeff
leads a successful performance training
practice based on the extreme, the
intense and the extraordinary.

Jeff has a keen ability to connect with
what motivates people when it comes to
fitness. He believes in making fitness
extreme and always challenges his
clients to test and defy their own
limits in a safe but competitive

Jeff’s approach to fitness incorporates
cutting edge industry techniques and
innovation. His clients succeed because
he demands the same intensity of
commitment from them that he brings
everyday to the preparation and delivery
of their workouts.

His workouts are smart, fresh and fun.
Most of all, Jeff believes in his
clients. For those willing to work and
who are prepared to give a bit more than
most, Jeff’s energy and enthusiasm
generate extraordinary fitness results.

“The difference between ordinary and
extraordinary is that little extra”.