Regina : Cornwall Centre

Jen Ruland

Bachelor of Physical Activity Studies
CSEP-Certified Exercise Physiologist
American College of Sports Medicine- Exercise Specialist
NCCP Level 1 Sport Coach (Running Focus)
YMCA Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Certified Keiser Cycling Instructor

Always heavily involved in team sports, she decided it was time for a new challenge as an adult and took up running, triathlon and adventure racing in 2007/2008. Although loving all three, her passion burned through for distance running. Jen’s now done over 55 running races in the last 5 years and has spent the last 2 years testing her body to extremes. Most recently taking up ultramarathons and she hasn’t looked back. Loving the raw nature and beauty of the extreme courses and the physical test of limits keeps her coming back for more and trying to go further and faster. She loves all distances over 42 km, but is most excited when racing 80 km races. Her goal in the next year or two is to attempt her first 100 miler! “Running is a love affair for me,” “I am just so deeply and utterly in love with the sport.” “It has taught me patience, humility and discipline amongst many things, but most importantly has given me life long friendships and a constant sense of accomplishment and meaning to my life.”

During her journey into the running world as an athlete also came the journey into coaching. Something Jen truly cherishes. Jens has coached all levels of abilities from those attempting their first 5 km to those attempting their first 50 miler. She believes that coaching has been just as gratifying and rewarding as being an athlete is. She is always so proud of her athletes and watching them conquer goals and do something they never dreamed possible is very rewarding for her. She takes a holistic approach to coaching and training and tries to instill a, “believe in yourself” attitude, because she believes you are always capable of more than you think you are, wise words of wisdom she was given by her mentor when she didn’t know she was capable of more.

Her full time job is also an important part of her life. Those who know her well, know how much she cares for her clients. Her compassion for helping others far exceeds what most people expect from an Exercise Physiologist. She has been a senior consultant for the Cardiac Rehabilitation, Chronic Disease Management and Prevention and Risk Reduction Programs at the Dr. Paul Schwann Centre for 8 years now. Helping people regain their lives and bodies back after a traumatic heart events is a main part of her job, one which she does whole heartedly. She approaches her days at the Schwann Centre with compassion, understanding and positivity, which ultimately are key ingredients she says in making a positive and permanent change for the better in someone’s life.

Jen is a social butterfly and loves people, she is kind, compassionate and loves encouraging people to believe in themselves, work hard and great things will come!

“Live with the conviction that you are extraordinary in your own right, and that you will do great things in your lifetime. Stay passionate about your goals, aspirations, dreams and continue to pursue your own excellence.”