Regina : Cornwall Centre

Tina Hnatiuk

Joyful and inspirational, Tina Hnatiuk
is a soulful teacher who is quick to
laugh and playful in her approach to
teaching and practicing. As a Personal
Coach, Tina brings elements of coaching
to her classes by encouraging her
students to challenge their limiting
beliefs, creating intention, and the
cultivation of gratitude. You’ll often
hear her say playfully to “Smile, and
don’t take yoga too seriously. After
all, it’ll only change your life!” Our
mats are our laboratories and the asana
are a series of powerful experiments
which ultimately lead to self-
realization and freedom.

Tina’s mission has always been simple:
to help people live happier, healthier
lives, with more clarity, bigger vision,
and deeper meaning in their everyday

In life as well as teaching, Tina’s
motto is: It starts with me. All of us
are capable of making a difference in
our corner of the world. It starts with
each of us taking responsibility for our
words, actions and deeds to make things
better for ourselves and each other.
When we get into our bodies we open the
doors to our hearts which makes real
change possible.

Tina’s approach to teaching yoga is to
invite creative energy to pass through
her and be led by the needs of the
students in front of her. This approach
results in dynamic, vibrant, and mindful
classes led from the heart. You can
expect classes that are challenging,
fun, yet kind and compassionate as our
mat should be a place of open
exploration without judgment.

Tina is so grateful for the many
teachers she’s had throughout her
journey including: Trevor Yelich, Ally
Bogard, Candace Cooke, Nicki Doane and
Eddie Modestini. Their guidance,
inspiration, and challenges have helped
to develop Tina into the person and
teacher she is today.