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Camie Cragg

Camie Cragg Fitness

For the past 9 years, Camie Cragg Lyman has successfully followed in her fitness mentors footsteps with branching out to following her dreams and opening up her own training facility. She began athletic training to enhance her volleyball skills at just fifteen years old, and found the changes to be so dramatic that she fell in love with fitness and found a drive to helps others. From her pivotal moments in life that could have brought her down and forced her to quit she used the experiences of breaking her 7th vertebrae and fighting Graves disease as her ultimate motivation to become the person she was meant to be along with inspiring others along the way. A student of Communications, Marketing & Sports Psychology in college, Camie found these to be essential elements of her true... Read the profile >>

Jennifer Benna

Jennifer Benna is a trail momma, competitive ultramarathon runner, and adventurous lover of life. Her heart belongs to her kids and the mountains. She is a mom to 4 year old Eva LaRue and 6 month old Asher, wife to JB, and a full time sales executive for a biotech pharmaceutical company. Currently living in the Reno/Tahoe area at the base of the beautiful Mt. Rose Wilderness, Jen has been running ultramarathons for over a decade, beginning her pursuit on the trails of Southern California on a whim in December of 2003. With more than 40 ultras in her book, she has dedicated herself to truly enjoying the miles and the adventure of trail racing. In 2007 Jen’s ultra career moved to the competitive Bay Area and with some guidance from coach Scott Jurek, Jen decided it was time to step it up.... Read the profile >>

Melissa Martinez

The Studio

The practice found Melissa in 1999 and she immediately gravitated towards the benefits, finding stability and balance with Hatha yoga. She knew that one day, she would take the seat of a yoga teacher. After attending various immersions, adding certifications and experience in different styles along the way, she feels at home with her teacher, Janet Stone. These days you can find her teaching Vinyasa Flow infused with the spirit of Bhakti yoga and in deep love with her studentship. She gives thanks to Rusty Wells, whom she admires for being a pioneer for the heart of Bhakti. After completing his 240-hr Bhakti Flow immersion, she began to share the chants she was introduced to with others. The spirit of Bhakti yoga is alive in her classes with deep gratitude to her teachers. Read the profile >>