Short Pump

Ellie Burke

Ellie views the practice of yoga primarily as an opportunity to drop into the full experience of the moment through attention and awareness and, through that presence, to experience the fullness of life. Yoga offers practitioners a way to take care of their entire selves (physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically) allowing them to be more balanced, strong, healthy, alive, and present and to bring those qualities into all aspects of their lives. Ellie teaches deliberate and balanced vinyasa classes with a focus on breath awareness, attention to alignment, and cultivating the qualities of contentment, acceptance, and continued disciplined effort without attachment to the outcome. Her teaching often touches on the rich aspects of yogic philosophy and the spiritual aim of connecting... Read the profile >>

Karen Hansen

Karen Hansen Yoga

Karen Hansen, ERYT 500, is known for bringing warmth, passion and a sense of inquiry to her teaching. Integrating yoga and mindfulness, her classes work to create balance in the body and mind through a challenging and thoughtful vinyasa practice. Her teaching style offers clear instruction, with a strong emphasis on physical and energetic alignment, some sweat, and a lot of laughter. As a teacher of adults and children of all abilities, Karen believes that this practice is for everyone and is grateful for the opportunity to guide others on their investigative journey. A practitioner since the mid-90's, she has studied with amazing teachers, both world renowned and relatively unknown. Read the profile >>

Mark "Iscool" Guzzi

According to Mark, the key to endurance athletics, at any level, is easy to sum up. And Mark does it in four simple words- Just get out there! That’s really all that each of us needs to do in order to be the best that we can be today, and to pave the way to a healthy future. Mark knows that he is like most of us in that he has not been blessed with any special athletic abilities. Rather, he relies on hard work, focus and commitment to produce hard-earned results. Mark’s passion, aside from distance running and road cycling, is reaching out to others to encourage and enable them to challenge themselves; to expand their physical and athletic boundaries. That may mean encouraging someone to lace-up and complete a 5K; or surviving a first half-marathon; or maybe training-up and... Read the profile >>

Sonya Stoeckli

Born in Switzerland, Sonja was introduced to yoga nearly 40 years ago on a visit to England. Inspired, she found a deeper awareness for life and started her own yoga practice several years later. A student of many inspirational teachers who instilled in her the love of different aspects of yoga, she experienced a deeper compassion a belief in herself for the first time in her life. She found a doorway to her soul that opened the love and strength in her body to become an inspirational teacher herself. In her vinyasa flow classes Sonja’s intention is to both challenge and guide her students, encouraging flexibility, strength and alignment in their bodies and in all aspects of their yoga practice. Her goal is to support her students on their own journeys towards peace, acceptance,... Read the profile >>