Short Pump

Ashley Hudson

As a nurse with nine years of experience in the both the adult and pediatric critical care setting, Ashley has always had a love for health, fitness, and an active lifestyle. She was involved in dance, gymnastics, softball, ran cross country, and competed regionally and nationally in cutting horse competitions as a member of the National Cutting Horse Association. After selling her horse when she went to college, she found herself continuously searching for something to channel her fitness drive. A knee injury and surgery resulted in her discovering and becoming a dedicated practitioner of yoga. After moving from Nashville, TN to Birmingham, AL, she soon became frustrated and discouraged with not being able to find a yoga studio that she connected with. It was then that she was... Read the profile >>

Becky Eschenroeder

Becky grew up in Richmond, Virginia, where she attended school and lived, until she went onto graduate from James Madison University with a degree in psychology, and recently obtained her elementary school teaching license from Mary Baldwin College. She is currently a teaching Language Arts and Social Studies to fourth graders at St. Andrew’s School. It is her dream to share the gift of yoga with as many individuals as possible; old and young alike. She is a 200 hour RYT, and trained very closely under Arlene Bjork through Grace Yoga Training Systems, before she passed away in late 2009. Becky has been able to meet some amazing individuals through her yoga training, which just happened to fall into her lap after college graduation. Becky strongly believes that she did not find... Read the profile >>

Ellie Burke

Ellie was first drawn to the fire and intensity of Ashtanga yoga while living in Vermont in 2000. She completed her 200-hour training in 2005, followed by a 40-hour Ashtanga Primary Series Teacher Training with David Swenson, and, most recently, the 300-hour YogaWorks Professional Program. Although she has been taught and influenced by many teachers, she continues to be humbled and inspired by what she learns through her practice, her life, and her teaching. Ellie teaches strong and balanced vinyasa classes with a focus on breath awareness, aligning with Self, and cultivating the qualities of contentment, acceptance, and continued disciplined effort without attachment to the outcome. Driven by the profound and rich aspects of yoga philosophy, the energetic, subtle body, and the spiritual... Read the profile >>

Lindsey Burnette

Bright clothing, bright sneakers and a bright attitude towards fitness most perfectly defines Lindsey Burnette. This yoga-obsessed, sparkling water-drinking mother of two is a Level 1 certified CrossFit instructor at CrossFit Midlo who possesses a strong passion for excellence in her unwavering pursuit of physical activity. From tackling motherhood, to tackling barbells, Lindsey can be found most days at the CrossFit gym before the roosters start crowing with a cup of black hazelnut coffee, inspiring athletes and positively impacting the lives of those who meet her. With a warm smile and a burning desire to compete, Lindsey has taken part in numerous CrossFit competitions statewide as she continues to grow her love for the "sport of fitness." Lindsey prides herself on helping each person... Read the profile >>

Paul Caminiti

For as long as he could remember, Paul has been an avid athlete and fitness enthusiast. In 1993, he decided to take that passion and enthusiasm into a professional capacity. From 1993-2001, Paul walked through the doors of nearly 1,000 health clubs throughout the New York metropolitan area as a distributor/representative for over 30 commercial fitness manufacturers. During this time, it became very obvious to Paul that these fitness facilities were designed to attract and cater to a very small percentage of the population. The balance of the population, Paul felt, were not members of these facilities for many reasons: these people were either frustrated from previous attempts to become healthy, they were intimidated by all the fancy looking equipment and machines that these fancy gyms... Read the profile >>

Ruthie Burke

Whether working with adults or young children, Ruthie relishes any opportunity to pass on her enthusiasm and passion for an active and healthy lifestyle. Ruthie is a certified Road Running Club of America Coach and an avid marathoner. She coaches advanced and elite runners with the Richmond Sports Backers Marathon Training Team and also coaches students in grades K-5 at the elementary school where she teaches fourth grade. Before heading to the classroom to stimulate and challenge her young students' minds, Ruthie is up logging her miles most mornings before the sun rises. She has a wide range of fitness-related interests and is passionate about yoga, pilates and barre. When not on the road or trails, you may spot her darting into a local studio to help strengthen her mind and body. She... Read the profile >>

Yaco Murphy

Yaco is passionate to teach intelligent yoga allowing her students to be mindful of their own physical body and spirit, while she encourages and supports their own journey. Yaco has been enjoying her own yoga path following the steps of Abhyasa(dedicated practice) and Vairagya(detachment). Yaco started practicing Yoga in 2000 in Japan. In 2007 Yaco moved to the USA and met Vinyasa Flow which brought her further in her yoga journey. Yaco completed Yoga Works 200hr. Teacher Training under Anne Van Volkenburg in 2009 and Yoga Works 300hr. Teacher Training in 2010. Yaco received Yoga Works Certification in 2011. As continual study, Yaco studied “Teaching Yoga to Athletes” under well-known teacher Sage Rountree who is the author of “the Athlete’s Guide to Yoga”.Since 2009, Yaco has... Read the profile >>