Richmond : Short Pump

Lindsey Burnette

Bright clothing, bright sneakers and a bright attitude towards fitness most perfectly defines Lindsey Burnette. This yoga-obsessed, sparkling water-drinking mother of two is a Level 1 certified CrossFit instructor at CrossFit Midlo who possesses a strong passion for excellence in her unwavering pursuit of physical activity. From tackling motherhood, to tackling barbells, Lindsey can be found most days at the CrossFit gym before the roosters start crowing with a cup of black hazelnut coffee, inspiring athletes and positively impacting the lives of those who meet her. With a warm smile and a burning desire to compete, Lindsey has taken part in numerous CrossFit competitions statewide as she continues to grow her love for the "sport of fitness." Lindsey prides herself on helping each person she coaches reach their fitness goals and strives to make their fitness experience unforgettable and rewarding. She aims to be a role model in her CrossFit community to those in search of new fitness challenges, and after converting from figure competitor to CrossFit competitor, Lindsey knows a thing or two about accepting new challenges. Off the mat, Lindsey enjoys the sarcastic nature of a funny joke and the lighter side of all things artistic. With an unparalleled work ethic, Lindsey welcomes the idea of a good sweat with a contagious laugh and a determined sense of energy. The pursuit of being strong, healthy, and fit is the breeding ground for her self-confidence and her unwillingness to quit, all qualities that she instills daily those she trains