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Revie Schulz

"Just ask any member of CrossFit Babes Miami what they love about their affiliate and they will tell you it’s their coach and the environment she has created. In less than 12 months Revie Schulz has created a space where everyday women empower and inspire each other to reach their goals and become amazing role models to their friends and family members. This is not the description you would expect when you think of a CrossFit ‘box’ but that’s what makes CrossFit Babes Miami so special. CrossFit Babes Miami is the only women’s box on the Gold Coast, at just 22 years of age Revie decided that she wanted to run an affiliate where the programming is never the same tailored for women’s bodies. It can be common in CrossFit boxes to feel inadequate in your ability to lift heavy weights and feel the need to compete with those around you. Revie celebrates the smallest achievements and creates an environment where women support each other instead of comparing bodies, a community of women who look for the best in others and in turn themselves. Revie is emotionally invested in each and every person that walks through the door. When someone hits a milestone she is right there with them with tears in her eyes. Her positivity and smile is contagious and you leave CrossFit Babes Miami with a spring in your step, (despite your workout fatigue). Crossfit Babes Miami isn’t just somewhere you go to keep fit, lift weights or swing kettle bells, it’s a place where you are encouraged to meet your fitness dreams and then pass them."