Rochester : Clover View Plaza

Ryan Barry


I am a dedicated yoga teacher and wife, and an animal lover. This past year I have also had the opportunity to become co-owner of the first breathe yoga studio franchise in Greece, NY. Yoga to me means the opportunity to transform, to quiet the mind, to move beyond limitations, and to embrace each step in the journey of self-growth. Each day I have this amazing opportunity to roll out my mat and to shape and re-define the context of my life that I am living from, and to align it with my highest self. Teaching yoga is a privilege that allows me to share what I have learned with others. It allows me to bare witness to the self-discovery and transformational process of each person that rolls out their mat with me. I have found great inspiration in master teachers such as Seane Corn, Baron Baptiste, and Bryan Kest who continue to inspire me and mold me into who I am as a teacher. Every day, whether I am teaching yoga or taking my own personal practice, I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am committed to making my self good, to making my community good, and to making each of you good! -Namaste