Galleria at Roseville

Anne Marie Kramer

Zuda Yoga

Committed to empowering others, Anne Marie Kramer inspires sensuality and strength with her intuitive teaching. Her approach to yoga is playful and edgy. Don't be surprised if you hear Krishna Das and Tupac in the same class! She's known for her creative sequencing, loving assists, ability to hold students in silence and words that pierce the soul. She teaches Power Vinyasa Yoga at ZUDA Yoga, which she founded in 2007. ZUDA has three locations in the Sacramento area: Midtown, Folsom and Roseville. Anne Marie has trained more than 300 students in ZUDA's Open Your Heart Teacher Training. ZUDA trained teachers have gone on to open yoga studios and teach around the world! After teaching others for 18 years, Anne Marie is learning her biggest life lessons from her 3-year-old son,... Read the profile >>

Cathy Connors

Leap Yoga Folsom

Cathy dabbled in yoga for years, but sports like running and rowing always took priority. This changed when she landed in her first power vinyasa yoga class in 2009 - Cathy found her home. She immediately signed up for a teacher training and started teaching right when her training was complete. It made no sense to her logical mind to teach, but her heart was calling her to do it. This was not the beginning of her path however. She remembers listening to yoga records with her mom when she was a kid and practicing poses right along side of her. Cathy also remembers her first glimmer of spiritual awakening at age 27 when she discovered meditation. Through that practice, she discovered the power of connecting to the divine, source and as some call it, God. She knew that the spiritual... Read the profile >>

Diane Holland


BARRE-FLIES has been a dream in the making for 17 years! Diane is a transplant from the Bay Area and has lived in Granite Bay for 15 years with her husband and two children… Throughout her life, she has been devoted to health and fitness and brings a mixed bag of exercise techniques to her studio. Her creative soul finds inspiration through her upbringing. She began practicing yoga by her parents’ side in her youth. Her father had her competing against the neighborhood boys and their fathers in running, push-up, and pull-up competitions, taking them all by surprise. Physicality and Diane are DEAR friends. She started weight training at the tender age of nine in the garage with her older brothers; it was as comfortable to her as breathing. Ballet and Pilates came into her life in her... Read the profile >>

Gangotri Garg

Veera Yoga

Gangotri Garg - Passionate, Loving, Grounded Gangotri Garg, founder of VEERA YOGA has been studying the philosophy of yoga for over 30 years. Gangotri was drawn to the physical practice of yoga while in search of a way to bring greater peace and happiness to her life. Her teaching is inspired by the joy and love she found within herself on this journey. Her lifelong spiritual practice and intense passion for yoga allow her to confidently guide students through a strong and sweaty vinyasa experience, while reconnecting with the powerful spirit within! Her touch confirms one of the things Gangotri loves most about teaching yoga, connection with and amongst her students. Come to Gangotri's class and thoroughly appreciate her willingness to be open about her own growth and the work she... Read the profile >>

Nick Clark

Zuda Yoga

Nick is doing what he was born to do: connect with people and build community. He feels incredibly blessed to have been welcomed into the yoga community exactly how he is. Every day, he looks forward to sharing that experience with other people. Nick believes that the number one reason we are on this planet is to connect and work with each other. Over time he has developed and continues to explore universal ways to connect with people on the soul level. It is through feeling, sharing and vulnerability that Nick experiences what it truly means to see and be seen. He is certified through The Baptiste Power Yoga Institute and he loves teaching inversions, connecting with the vibrations of loud music and meeting interesting people. Nick's classes are energetic, fun and... Read the profile >>

Ryan Bailey

East Wind Auburn

Ryan is a devoted yoga practitioner who found yoga 8 years ago and has not been the same since. He is grateful to be able to share his love of yoga with others and thrives on the opportunity to be a part of their own journey of self discovery. Ryan has been influenced by many of his yoga instructors along his path, Bryan Kest and Rusty Wells. He believes that through yoga we can peel our layers away to discover who we truly are, finding balance, love, peace, devotion and freedom of expression. Ryan teaches a fun all-levels class with a variety of beats from all genres of music that complement the dynamic and fresh asana. A Bhakti yogi at heart, finding Kirtan opened up a whole new world of yoga for him. He believes in chanting for love, life’s challenges, and the moments that... Read the profile >>