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Cathy Connors

Cathy dabbled in yoga for years, but sports like running and rowing always took priority. This changed when she landed in her first power vinyasa yoga class in 2009 - Cathy found her home. She immediately signed up for a teacher training and started teaching right when her training was complete. It made no sense to her logical mind to teach, but her heart was calling her to do it.

This was not the beginning of her path however. She remembers listening to yoga records with her mom when she was a kid and practicing poses right along side of her. Cathy also remembers her first glimmer of spiritual awakening at age 27 when she discovered meditation. Through that practice, she discovered the power of connecting to the divine, source and as some call it, God. She knew that the spiritual path was a path that she would be on for a lifetime. But at that time, she had just completed her doctorate in psychology and embarked on a path of serving others from a psychologist's frame of reference

Cathy's belief is that two things create lasting change in our lives: relationship with others and connection to something greater than ourselves - source, spirit, divine. A loving, supportive relationship can empower and uplift you to connect to your gifts in this lifetime. At her studio Cathy is able to do that through teaching, leading workshops, trainings and retreats. In her new business, spiritual life coaching, she is able to support others to connect to their gifts so that they can become their best self. Her greatest joy is to witness others step into their power - she is grateful that her students and clients allow her to guide them on that journey.

She is clear on her purpose in this life. She facilitates others in finding their power, light and own transformation through the classes she teaches and the community she has partnered to create at LEAP Yoga as an owner.