Arden Fair

Ben Claridad

Midtown Strength & Conditioning

With interests in art, music and physical culture, you could say Ben is a Renaissance man of sorts. Well, you could . . . if you neglected the fact that Ben has been intensely developing his skills as an Olympic weightlifter for the better part of a decade. Ben fell in love with the sport while studying Exercise Science at CSUS and has since dedicated his life to developing his skill both as an athlete and as a coach. Ben takes the term “walk the talk” very seriously as he has pushed himself to become a top ranking national competitor and has produced multiple national caliber lifters since his decision to pursue Olympic weightlifting full-time as coach of Midtown Barbell Club. His current best competition snatch is 150kg (330lbs) and best clean and jerk is 182kg (400lbs). But he... Read the profile >>

Charlie Zamora

Warrior Z Fitness

With an intensity that doesn't quit, Charlie Zamora could inspire and motivate in his sleep. Growing from his experience of being one of the youngest CrossFit affiliate owners in the world, Charlie has turned the athletes of WarriorZ (his gym) into Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and CrossFit champions. His goal is to see people reach their full physical, mental and spiritual potential. According to Charlie, "I don't have a job, I live a lifestyle." Read the profile >>

Jessica Micheletti

Zuda Yoga

Jessica Micheletti believes in miracles. In yoga, She can find a yogic meaning in almost anything. Having spent time serving the Africa Yoga Project, her perspective is unique and developed. She is astonished by LuluLemon's dedication to giving without expectation and is dedicated to emulating that in her own life. Each day she wakes up and asks, “How can I serve today?”. Jessica can be found teaching incredible vinyasa at Zuda Yoga in Midtown. Read the profile >>

Joel Strehle

Zuda Yoga

Joel crossed the finish line of his first marathon when he was thirty years old. Since then he has completed Ironman triathlons, qualified for Boston Marathon and has endured countless hours training for endurance events. "Pain is life's greatest teacher" has been a philosophy Joel believed to become free from past addictions and past limitations he put on himself. "Yes, I still run and train for endurance events; it makes me feel alive and awakened" but Joel now believes that Love is life's greatest teacher. "Love is how connection and community is created". Joel has found compassion in practicing yoga and not for physical outcomes but rather for an increase of presence and conscious living. He now shares the power of yoga teachings at Zuda Yoga Midtown Sacramento and across the... Read the profile >>