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Candice Richardson

Candice was raised in a very active and athletic family, participating in a variety of sports while growing up. But it wasn’t until her early college years that Candice’s passion and desire for fitness truly developed. While dating her husband she was exposed to various sports and activities such as; Biking, Skiing, Swimming, and Rock Climbing. She absolutely loved being outdoors and quickly became addicted to the adrenaline and endorphins she received while pushing herself to the limit. She found that “working out” and “fitness” are life long pursuits and not some 30 minute program on a treadmill. During these years, whether it was indoors or outdoors, spending time being active was the best way for her to manage stress, eliminate chaos, find inner balance, and truly discover herself. Pushed to set some goals, she quickly fell in love with competitions. Candice loves the opportunity to overcome challenges and obstacles. Training and setting goals helped her discover that her body was far stronger than her mind ever gave her credit for, and this became her focus. Training her Mind and body to work together to overcome whatever physical or mental ailment was hindering her growth.

Candice has experienced first hand, the pay off that comes through hard work and commitment. Because of the great mental, physical, and emotional changes she saw, Candice developed a desire to share this with others. It was this desire that lead her to become NASM certified, while finishing up her education in Exercise and Sports Science and Elementary Education.

While training for a Marathon Candice injured her hip, Doctors expressed a desire for her to try Pilates to help with the rehab. It didn’t take long until she fell in love with this new type of exercise. She found that Pilates completed her workout and gave strength in areas of her body that were lacking. Pilates also helped her maintain her overall health, increased her coordination, balance, and completely transformed her core strength. She loved the way Pilates made her body feel and the control she learned from practicing Pilates regularly. She then went on to become Pilates certified with Balanced Body and Peak Pilates. Her hard work and training in Pilates paid off when Seventeen Magazine featured her as the celebrity trainer of the month.

Candice loves to add variety to her workouts and to try any form of exercise. Variety keeps you interested and challenges your body. The key is to love the journey. We all start somewhere, but where that point is should not determine where we end up. Candice loves to motivate others, strives to have her clients leave with a positive look on life, and an even better appreciation for their own strength and beauty.