Salt Lake City : Trolley Square

Taylor Richards

Growing up with an athletic big brother definitely had a positive push on Taylor in the sports direction, not to mention her competitive edge. As a kid she played just about every sport and her success with basketball helped land her an athletic scholarship at USU. Taylor loved playing on that court, but would also find herself very drawn and invested in the lifting and conditioning aspect of basketball. Once her collegiate basketball days were over, she knew that she needed to find something to keep her in shape and feed her competitive nature. Challenging her body and mental toughness has always been appealing to Taylor and CrossFit has continued to channel that for her. There is great satiety at the end of a difficult workout session, one that possibly only chocolate can compete with.

Taylors husband (a USU football player) shared the same love for living a fit and healthy lifestyle and together they are able to watch their beautifully adventurous two year old daughter enjoy everything active as well. Taylor enjoys the very simple things in life; her family is everything. If she is not working out or training clients at Ute CrossFit, she is probably walking dogs, sipping coffee, watching cartoons, or cuddling.

The members of Ute CrossFit inspire me daily, to see everyone working so hard and achieving things that they never thought possible puts a smile on my face. Being able to improve the lives of people through exercise is just a bonus of training members at Ute CrossFit. The sense of community we stand for and the friendships that are created at Ute are what keep everyone so motivated.