San Antonio
The Quarry

Carlos Gomez

Yoga Day

Carlos Gomez is from Acapulco, Mexico and he discovered yoga in 2008. Carlos quickly recognized yoga as way to a happier and healthier life. That same year, the Bikram Yoga College of India sponsored Carlos with a full scholarship to become a teacher at the rigorous, 9 week long, Teacher Training. Carlos has evolved as a yoga teacher at BYSA under the mentor-ship of Lisa Ingle, an internationally acclaimed Bikram Yoga teacher. In 2011, he began teaching free yoga classes outside the traditional setting of a yoga studio: public schools, senior centers, public parks, as well as presenting yoga at health fairs and collaborating with the US Army. The success of these experiences led Carlos to found Yoga Day nonprofit, an organization dedicated to make Hatha Yoga available to ... Read the profile >>

Heidi Patterson

Crossfit Mettle

Crossfit for me has become more than an exercise program, it has become a way of life. I have never felt stronger, healthier, more fit or confident in my life! I stumbled upon Crossfit as a runner and I quickly became addicted. I thought I was "in shape" as a runner. Boy, was I wrong! I fell in love with the barbell, with Crossfit and I encourage everyone, ESPECIALLY you women out there to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Strength training doesn't make you big or bulky, it makes you strong, lean, and helps your body burn fat. I have run five marathons and two ultra marathons, an adventure race and a bunch of small races. Now, three years later I continue to work on and study the Sport of Fitness as an athlete and a coach, Don't be intimidated by what you think... Read the profile >>

Jen Rulon


Growing up in the Midwest, I had a dream…that I would move away and sail the seven seas with Jacques Cousteau and learn about marine mammals. After I received my Bachelor of Science in Biology at University of WI-Whitewater, I moved to Minnesota, Mississippi and Texas, all to work at marine mammal facilities. My dream since 7th grade actually came true. For 12+ years, I worked at Sea World-San Antonio, working, training and swimming with Beluga Whales, dolphins, sea lions, walruses, otters and finally Shamu. I was blessed to have two passions in my. The time working at Sea World, I became a 4x Ironman Triathlete, USA World Championship Duathlete and USA Triathlon Level I Coach. Since my Bachelor degree was animal behavior based, I really wanted to go back to school and get my... Read the profile >>

Kimberly Culp

Yoga Shala/ Yoga Sanctuary/ MBS Fitness/ Yoga Karma

Kimberly practices Ashtanga yoga and appreciates the manner in which it calms her mind and enriches her physical health. Kimberly shares her love of yoga and it's benefits by teaching the teen yoga vinyasa class. She encourages people of every age to practice yoga on a regular basis in order to calm the mind, improve overall health, and find inner peace in the process.She now owns her own Yoga Studio - Yoga Karma. Read the profile >>

Lisa Ingle

The Union

Lisa’s passion and commitment to this yoga will be apparent from the moment you enter her class. Lisa provides an atmosphere where you are challenged and given the confidence and motivation to achieve the results you desire. As the Union’s most Senior Teacher of the Bikram Method Lisa truly believes that everyone and anyone can benefit from this practice and through her expertise will support you every step of the way. Known as the Little Yogi, Lisa provides a foundation for your practice that will change your life so you truly will Feel Better than Ever! Lisa is a graduate of San Antonio’s Trinity University with a degree in Business administration. From the moment Lisa took her first Bikram Yoga class in 1999, she knew she wanted to teach this yoga and help as many people as... Read the profile >>