San Antonio : The Quarry

Heidi Patterson

Crossfit Mettle

Crossfit for me has become more than an exercise program, it has become a way of life. I have never felt stronger, healthier, more fit or confident in my life! I stumbled upon Crossfit as a runner and I quickly became addicted. I thought I was "in shape" as a runner. Boy, was I wrong! I fell in love with the barbell, with Crossfit and I encourage everyone, ESPECIALLY you women out there to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Strength training doesn't make you big or bulky, it makes you strong, lean, and helps your body burn fat. I have run five marathons and two ultra marathons, an adventure race and a bunch of small races. Now, three years later I continue to work on and study the Sport of Fitness as an athlete and a coach, Don't be intimidated by what you think you know about Crossft, everyone can do it, one way or another. If you are ready to change your life, feel fit, healthy and strong, you owe it to yourself.