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Josh Plotkin

You and the Mat, Stand Up Paddle Company

For Josh, not only does yoga offer a way to help elongate and strengthen the body, it gives the even greater benefit of calming and focusing the mind. Recognized by Laguna Beach Magazine as one of Laguna's Super Athletes, Josh's teaching style is invigorating, incorporating heart-pumping playlists with an emphasis on practicing "your" yoga (meaning take a child's pose whenever you need) and having fun with the practice. When he is not in the studio you can find him lacing up his nike free's and pounding the pavement or the trails in Laguna Beach. He spends as much time as possible in the ocean, surfing or paddle boarding. And when the body finally tells him to take a break, he enjoys strumming his six strings. Read the profile >>

Karen Casler

CB Cycle Barn

Karen is the founder of CB CycleBarn, as well as a CB2 instructor. Her concept for TheBarn, is to create a studio unlike anything indoor cyclists have seen before. It is not just a place to workout, it is a home away from home and a place to have fun. It is a place where families can work out together and where members feel like a part of the CycleBarn family. Karen's vision of blending customer service and fitness begins with hiring instructors who love what they do and do what they love!!! Karen's classes are upbeat, fun, energetic, and...of course.....intense. She prides herself on keeping her classes innovative, well planned, and unpredictable. The energy Karen brings to every class stems not only from her passion for indoor cycling, but also from the opportunity to help people... Read the profile >>

Kim Sherwood

BeachFit Crossfit

Kim's interest in fitness started with a love of movement and being outside. Her mother certified her with ants in her pants as a kid. Learning to control her body to do the things she wants to do is a fun challenge for her. She is proud of her Crossfit Level 1 and Kids certifications, but most exciting for her was their Coaches Prep Course. She holds many other training certifications and is completely immersed in the sport, having competed in and judged several competitions. She is a proud owner of the gym BeachFit CrossFit in San Clemente. She loves to see people succeed. It is fun for her to see someone accomplish something, especially a client successfully learning a skill or reaching a goal, no matter how small. It fuels her intense desire to do things. Previous to being... Read the profile >>

Laura Love

Training Camp, Oceana Fit, Beyond Hot Yoga, Ritual Yoga Arts,

Laura took her first yoga class at her local gym in 1997. She took the occasional yoga class from time to time, but didn't find herself consistently practicing until her second pregnancy. While pregnant she found Hatha yoga to be very calming to her mind and healing to her changing body. After her daughter was born she fell away from her practice a bit, only able to practice at home on the rare occasion that both of her children were napping. Kundalini Yoga DVDs were her savior. In 2005 after some major life changes, Laura stepped back on her mat–this time for good. Practicing 5-6 times per week, she fell in love with Hot Yoga. In a time in her life that was chaotic & ever-changing, she found peace & balance on her mat. Her teacher, Jason Wilkerson, noticed her devotion to... Read the profile >>