San Jose : Santana Row

Amber Henzi

In 2003 I took my first yoga class in college. The class gave me such an amazing foundation for the poses, but it wasn't until a few years later, after some significant life changing experiences and my first power yoga class, that I truly recognized what an influential role it would play. As my practice grew, I began to understand the philosophy and spiritualism of yoga. The practice lived through me as I transcended physically and mentally. I was amazed at how different and challenging it could be day to day to live presently and with compassionate intentions. Yoga then moved off of my "to do" list and became the focal point of my life: the air I breathe, the food I eat, the words I speak and the intention of my actions. I knew I had to share my love of yoga and teach it to others and near the end of 2009 after traveling to Bali and finishing my 200 hours of Teacher Training through The Joy of Yoga and receiving my RYT with Yoga Alliance that's exactly what I did. I teach a very playful, fun, non traditional form of vinyasa and aerial yoga and recently completed 125 hours of Bhakti teacher training. My happiest moments are seeing the hanging smiles of my students reflecting back at me from a hammock.

Whether it be health science, dietetics, holistic nutrition or alternative medicine, I have been studying some form of nutrition for the last twelve years. I received my Nutrition Certification through Bauman College and I am currently continuing my studies. My persistent hunger of nutrition and well being, has led me all over the country, where I have worked in vegan, raw and macrobiotic kitchens for short periods of time (to know it is to live it). Blending these lifestyles and beliefs has led me to be more mindful and move with intention off the mat and out of the kitchen.

Almost four years ago, I traveled to India, to embody the roots of what I call “the love of my life.” Through, travel, teaching and my endless need for continual education, my view of life is changing and evolving. I feel as if am seeing from a new perspective with every breath. I am committed to discovering the lessons offered as life unfolds and blossoms. I believe in the complimentary value of yoga, nutrition and now aerial (as I explore the value of inversions). My commitment is to bring this relationship into the community, moving from my heart and assist others in feeling better physically and spiritually. By loving ourselves and feeling joyful and healthy we are better equipped to be the change in which we hope to witness on this earth.