Santa Barbara : Santa Barbara

Adrienne Hengels

Adrienne is a mover and a shaker, a lover of life, world class triathlete, yogini of sorts, a teacher, a life coach and a risk taker. A California girl with midwestern roots, Adrienne is the owner of Power of Your Om Yoga Studio here in Santa Barbara and yep, she owns another studio in Illinois, where she is from. When you take Adrienne's yoga classes, you are guaranteed to get challenged, to be drenched in sweat, cleansed, reenergized and mind-blown! Heck, just hang out with her and you are guaranteed to do something you haven't done before, something you've always wanted to do, or something you haven't risked since childhood.

Adrienne believes in creating our own happiness, hitting road blocks, taking a moment to pause and look our fears in the face and move forward with abundance and a whole lot of love. She teaches yoga with a reality-based approach while weaving these life lessons magically through class, empowering you to experience more than you ever thought possible. "When I teach a yoga class, I want to take people somewhere they've never been before...I want them to experience a transformative feeling in every class. That is how I fell in love with yoga," says Adrienne. "I want to give this feeling back. The physical body teaches us so much about handling challenges so that we can be our best selves off the mat - truly being the change in the world. For me, giving each person an opportunity to experience a total life transformation - even if their life is already pretty awesome.

In addition to yoga teacher extraordinaire, Adrienne is a world class age group triathlete competing in the Ironman World Championships and placing at the top in every race she enters. You'll find her smiling face not only teaching at her studio but cruising around town on her bike, running on the beach, swimming at the pool, racing the local triathlon and running races...soaking up all the miracles life has to offer.